Screw you Ron Desantis and the anti-trans right!

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    I like me some drag shows and they were doing all sorts of things to get people back in after COVID. Everything was all fine and then the king of duh had to go get angry at drag shows and now they are all packed and sold out. Worse yet, there are more and more kids coming around. Do not get me wrong, I want kids to have fun and see drag queens as fun, but I like my smut.

    You fucking fascist freaks need to know that when you go all prude ass bitch on things, everyone laughs and figures out where the fun is. Then I have to show up early and make reservations because all the trendy cishets are all about drag queen bingo and brunch. Then I get there and all the mimosas and jello shots are gone because breeders need them to deal with the crotch droppings. All of a sudden the performers can't whip their dicks out (those that have them).

    You breeders and prudes have Disney, leave my debauchery alone. I like snorting coke off some dudes dick in the gay club ladies room. Stop fucking with my shit.
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    Psst, it's okay to make a thread your standup act, but you have to give the others something to discuss too.
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