‘I was going to go down fighting’ says 6th grader who grabbed bat during school shooting

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    He sounds a good fella
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    my "spirituality" - if you can call it that - is getting deeper and deeper into reality. Seeing things for what they are with a clear head: no paranoia about unseen (but written about) entities watching my every move and reading my every thought. No delusions about about a "master plan" for the world or for my own life. The universe is expanding and unfolding at it's own pace in real time - though time is just the distance between events. If you consider the entire existence of the universe as a single event (still very much in progress of course) then time is only relevant to those who consider it relevant, and organize it as such.

    I firmly believe that we can learn more - and benefit from - the natural world. The further we get from the way we evolved over time the weaker (mentally & physically) and crazier we will become.
    In this way "The Garden Of Eden" is actually a summation of people having a good situation and fucking it up. Humans being their own worst enemy if you will. :(
    This has nothing to do with "good/evil" just an observation that anyone alive when the bible was written could figure out on their own really.

    Basically I try to avoid anything or anybody who can influence me to make bad or unhealthy decisions - or to think or act in a negative versus a positive way. The natural world only functions under optimism and tenacity. Humans are capable of so much more than we think we are. Never ever has a cheetah (like in my avatar stirring up dust while pulling a few G's making a tight full speed turn) :yes: woke up and said "these gazelles are just too fast. I'm going to lay around and feel sorry for myself today" or they would be extinct. Cheetahs don't complain or feel sorry for themselves - ao animal does this - maybe humans need to follow their example.
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