A question about browsing message boards.

Discussion in 'Techforge' started by Tererun, Mar 26, 2021.

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    Maybe you guys know if there is something like this.

    I used to love the way usenet was threaded. Some of you may know, and for those who do not I will explain. Instead of a scroll of posts made by the time they are posted, I used to browse usenet messages with threaded conversations that ran off of information that organized by the quote structure. So let us say I was discussing star trek with everyone and someone made a post that was about TNG the respondents to that post would stay on that posting thread and expand from there while the main conversation would expand elsewhere.

    It is like a thread tree rather than a scroll. I really liked that way of browsing long conversations. I think a lot of people's troubles with tldr posting is that you have to scroll by it. with the expanding tree of thread discussions you could visually exclude articles that you did not want to read.

    I would imagine it would be possible with the xenforo software as it does note quotations and times. I am wondering if there is an app for that, or if it is just the way things are so suck it up.
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    Doesn't Reddit work like that? Personally, I find threaded conversations hard to follow.
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  3. Bickendan

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    May 7, 2010
    You know, you raise a good point.
    Yes, Reddit is designed like that, and I suspect calling Reddit the modern Usenet is apt.
    However, delving into the subthreads in Reddit tends to open them into new windows or tabs, which seems obfuscate the overall thread and seems to defeat the purpose.
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  4. Diacanu

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    Mar 29, 2004
    Ah, yes, the golden oldie days.
    EZBoards worked that way too.
    They don't exist anymore.

    It had its pluses and minuses.

    A little bit harder to follow, but Dayton wouldn't have been able to louse up threads, cuz we could ignore his strings.
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