Alec Baldwin dog food dream.....

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    Nov 28, 2004
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    okay, about a week ago my sleeping brain took a break from the usual nightly barrage of dreams involving jet crashes, alien invasions, growing cucumbers in George Washington's barn, dinosaurs, and so forth.

    Anyway Alec Baldwin invited himself into my house, upsetting my wife. My wife tried to discreetly tell me that she didn't like him hanging around bugging us, and that I should get rid of him. Alec was on a rant about some dog food be bought. Then he starts to open up a can of the dog food to prove a point. The dog food was some type of meatloaf, with onion & green peppers and other things not suited for Rover. :unsure:

    Okay armchair psychologists, explain the symbolism and deeper meanings of this dream.