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    Nov 23, 2004
    I've been a Lego fan all my life, and a Star Wars fan for most of it.
    20 years back when they first started making SW sets, I was rehooked... of course the instruction versions weren't very appealing-although most subsequent editions have improved. Still, it's the Lego modeler's perogative to at least personalize his work.

    I've also been off of my construction job for a while now due to an injury... on light duty only so about 80% unemployed. Thank dawg for the bar!!


    My present project is to upsize the Millenium Falcon from the kit 75192:


    To something based on being closer in proportion to the other ships, but remaining at minifigure scale.
    The Y wing and stock kit are about the same length, but wookiepedia lists them as being 23 and 34 meters respectively. Gotta scale up about 50%... going from about 34 studs wide to 52. Making detail changes on the way.


    There's supposedly a freight lift here at the stern end (top)



    When I'm done I'll add the other's which are complete but for the greebles.

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