Fibrex 100 series Windows Upgrade

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    Due to popular request (thanks @We Are Borg), I submit the following:

    Windows not only allow you to experience the wide world, they also keep out annoying pests, and enable a well regulated environment. Quite useful, but you may be due for an upgrade.

    Most builders install cheap windows that met building code for the time the house was built. Unless you had a custom home built and specified better windows that's all you got.

    In Georgia this meant you got single pane glass with varying sash material until the '90s. Our previous house, built in 1986, had windows that didn't keep out wind, rain, noise, or curious raccoons. The glazing (putty crap) holding the panes in place had deteriorated to the point the glass fell on the floor in a strong gust of wind. The wooden sashes were cracked in many places. It was time for an upgrade to windows 2005.

    We searched for windows and came up with a plethora of options. Got estimates. Carefully compared materials. Signed the contract. I thought we'd have a crew of carpenters show up and carefully remove the entire old window and replace them frames and all. I had no idea.

    The window-gypsies showed up. about 6 of them. One went around with a hammer and whacked out the old sashes leaving the wood frames. Another popped in a vinyl replacement window that had foam rubber around the edges. The last person put up new aluminum trim on the outside to cover the destruction. In this way they managed to replace them without disturbing the interior trim and the whole job was done in about 8 hours and $10,000. What a rip-off.

    These people don't have to be licensed and there is no inspection (at least in GA), so one guy does the sales and hires migrant window installers from around the country. I don't know if they are literally gypsies, but they might be.

    They were OK, but looked cheap (but weren't). Kept the raccoons and wind out. Double pane glass was good at keep temps regulated. Life went on.

    Fast forward 11 years and we moved to a '50s ranch that still had the 50's builder grade jalousie windows (crank that opens multiple horizontal panes). Cranks were broken. Through the years people had sealed them shut with silicone caulk and screws. Not only was it cold and hot inside, we were trapped in the event of a fire.

    Call the window gypsies!

    Sales guy came and said, sorry, lead in your paint. No can do. (maybe a federal regulation?) We found a window guy whose crew he said were certified for hazmat disposal and could do our windows for $12,000.

    After watching the procedure on YouTube a couple times, I told the wife, "Woman, we can do this." Our children had already moved out so lead-paint brain damage wasn't too much of a problem.

    Here's the trick: go to Home Depot, ask the window guy to order you some windows. We did the entire house for under $3,000 with custom architectural grade Andersen 100 series windows.

    Removed the old windows carefully. Took out the old aluminum frames by pulling them in on themselves using a ratcheted come-along. Was left with pristine 1950s pine to secure the new windows to.

    I removed one single window and carefully measured this. Put up plywood and ordered the replacement. Once I knew I was good with a single window (no returns on custom built windows), we went for the rest of them. Easy peasy.

    Here's the home-depot link for what we got. Just tell the window sales person you're going to DIY. If he looks at you like you're crazy, find a different guy (or gal).

    Took about 6 weeks for them to arrive. We rented a truck and brought them home. 3 weekends and we were done. Some were large enough to require 3 people, I had to enlist the help of the kids we threw out. Awkward but worth it.

    windows before.JPG

    windows after.jpg

    Ask me about my grass!
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    Not falling for that one... :?:
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    Cool beans, bro. We need to do some windows too.