God Of War (2018) PS4 [Possible Spoilers]

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    Wow. What an amazing game. If you've been around Playstation anytime in the last 13 years, then you've no doubt heard about Sony Santa Monica's flagship franchise God of War. It made it's debut in 2005 and since then has had over 6 games to varying degrees of success. I have to admit that the last game, God of War: Ascension was very... mediocre. It relied too much on the old hack & slash QTE gameplay and it underperformed spectacularly. So when I heard that SSM got Cory Barlog to come back as lead game developer and that they were re imagining the lead character Kratos as a Norse god and not a Greek god, I was barely interested. Then came all of the 10/10 reviews and I decided to to see if it was worth a shot... and man... This is probably my favorite game sine 2013's The Last of Us.

    Even though the game remains a third person hack & slash, the QTE's are pretty much gone and Kratos has given up his signature Blades of Chaos for a Leviathan Axe that returns to him on command pretty much like Thor's Mjolnir Hammer. There are several differnet types Dragur to fight with different defenses and some trolls and Dwarfs as well. But besides the gameplay, the story is one that really resonated with me. Kratos is a little older and a little wiser than the character known as The Ghost of Sparta. He also has his 9-11 year old son, Atreus, with him on his journey and Atreus actually becomes a huge help after a while. Kratos is exactly the kind of Dad you'd think he would be. Emotionally distant... and perhaps even a little annoyed that he has to take care of Atreus on this dangerous journey and Atreus is so eager to please his Dad so he tries his very best to impress Kratos at every opportunity.. I never thought I'd get so much out of a video game story. I hope I never came off like Kratos to my sons, but I certainly saw some aspects of myself in him. This was just such a great experience. If you have a PS4, I highly recommend this! :techman:
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