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    Okay so this evening I need to hop down to the Food Lion but things were not typical:
    first some guy was outside the store singing & playing a guitar - and was god-awful! Either he was trying to get spare change or serenading one of the store associates. Either way imagine a male Billy Eilish passing a kidney stone while wearing oven mitts & playing an untuned guitar. :jayzus:

    So as I'm entering the store using the east doors I notice a midget wearing a camo jacket entering the west doors! And not just a borderline "little person" but full-on Vern Troyer sized dude! :yes:

    Then as I'm buying my items my debit card wasn't working. Maybe the chip is wearing out or something. After several tries using the chip and swiping with the strip the clerk says "let me try it" presses some buttons and the display is in FRENCH! :shock: Seriously? This is Georgia! It's either Spanish or English....French doesn't factor in at all. But I get the gist of what it says and I sign my name because the amount sounded about right (twelve dollars and change) and so I run the card as credit instead of debit. Regardless...just a strange evening.