His Dark Materials

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    Apr 3, 2004
    Forgive me if there has already been a thread started on this, but I didn't see it in this universe.

    Just watched the first episode of this on HBO and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

    I remember His Dark Materials trilogy creating the inception of doubt in my mind about organized religion, and I really, really loved the books. I haven't read them in a long time, but they sparked both my love of fantasy and my incipient atheism. Not to mention one of my favorite love stories.

    They're not at all totally to blame for my atheism, but by the middle of the second book it it led me to questioning a lot of things that I took for granted.

    This is still only in the first episode, but I am excited for this series. The movie from 12 years ago was a disappointing wet fart, not even saved by the perfect casting of Sam Elliott as Lee Scoresby (he's exactly who I pictured in the role). But I'm excited that HBO has taken and interest and it seems to have started off on the right foot.