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    For the past few years, I've been working on a fictional world and developing characters with the intention to eventually write novella/novel-length stories. I wanted a certain amount of uncertainty, so instead of of just writing, I made up some D&D 5e character sheets and roll dice to see what happens instead of just deciding what happens like most writers.

    Writing novel-length fiction is a lot of work. Adding in extra steps like trying to run a D&D campaign by myself, and changing D&D 5e so it suits my purposes... it's a challenge. After about five years of work, I think I've got things worked out so I can get to mostly writing.

    Also, I just want to write. I considered scrapping the D&D stuff and just writing, but it wouldn't be the same. Even if I did, I like writing in first-person, but for the main body of the series, third-person limited works better. First person doesn't work very well when one is jumping between characters. I've seen it done, but I'm not sure I can pull it off.

    So, I wrote a short story about one of the characters. Once I finished the rough draft, I decided I wanted to write similar stories about some of the other characters. So, I'm going to write a collection of four short stories and release it on SmashWords before I get into the main novella/novel series. It might get me some readers before I finish the first book, and having a short story collection series on the side will give me something to do when I get burnt out working on the main series.

    I've decided to share the rough draft of the first story with you guys. First link is PDF, second is epub:
    (I used an online converter to make the epub. It's... mostly formatted correctly.)

    Half-assed summary: Some guy is brought back to life a century after he died. Most of his personality and memory were recovered, except he only has vague episodic memories. He's warned that the world is very different than the one he came from. Which, makes sense, it's a century later. As he learns about the new world, he discovers that "a century later" is only the beginning of the changes.

    The working title was Holy Fucking Exposition, but I later changed it to Brash Decision.

    The main series is called Incident. There was an event that happened called the Incident. It's called that because everyone knows what incident it refers to. What was the Incident? No one knows. The only things that are knows is that it happened, and that it changed everything.

    The anthology I'm calling Tangents, because they're tangents from the main story. I'm creative.

    Read it or don't. Tell me what you think, or don't. If you decide to offer criticism, please do your best to tear it to shreds. Can't fix things if I don't know what's wrong. If you read it, I hope it gives you some entertainment. The ending I'm probably going to completely re-write, I got more monology and telling instead of showing than I care for.

    I want to monetize the series, but I don't really want to just sell ebooks. The short story anthology I'm releasing for free, and will probably do the same for others. The main series, SmashWords has a "buyer decides the price (including free)" option, which I'll probably use. Might start a Patreon as well. I already know I'm not going to make decent money writing fiction. If people want to read my stuff for free, I want them to be able to. If they want to pay me, I like money and I'll take it.
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    Interesting concept. You’ve some typos in there but nothing majorly distracting.