John Tower-Playing To Win

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    Tower woke up three hours later. The only light in the cabin given off by the 12 by 16 screen in the center of the forward console showing the data from the sensor suite. The rain continued and Tower had some concern for his two team members on sentry duty. They were still standing with their backs against either side of the truck. They would be replaced in a couple of hours by two now resting inside one of the APCs and then take their spots in the nice, warm and dry APCs for the remaining five hours of the night. One thing nice about this world this time a year were the nights being long.

    Speaking of warm with the 8 soldiers in the enclosed space it was becoming almost hot. Even without most of them wearing their field jackets. Tower noted that the soldier on his far left had slid back the side window a couple of centimeters. Tower did the same to the one next to him. The resultant cross breeze quickly brought the cabin temp down to a very comfortable level and only allowed a few drops of rain to blow in occasionally. Tower glanced over his shoulder at the cargo area in the back. Tavor and Ahmed had each made what looked like pretty comfortable nests for themselves among the extra field jackets and other gear stowed back there. They were probably resting better than anyone else. The team was fortunate that no one in the close confines of the truck were snorers.

    Tower's tactical tricorder vibrated gently. It was Lt. Robinson in the most distant APC relaying basically a general "all clear" and status update to the lower level commanders. Tower knew the sensors in the turrets of the APCs were good but he really wished they had real time aerial support. Some drones overhead at least but command had transferred all his unmanned units elsewhere to say nothing of the actual manned units. Still Tower couldn't complain.

    Then it happened....