Local scam going on.

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    Mar 27, 2004
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    The Association moved for a summary judgement. The judge granted it, and decided yes, everyone in the described area is in the HOA.
    Seven law firms representing us folks are appealing.
    The story is that the judge based her decision on a cliff's-notes review, summarized by an aide, of 16 individual properties who's deeds DID say that membership in the Lake Association was required. She apparently ignored the 1600 others whose deeds say nothing about it.

    Upshot: we still don't have to pay unless the appeals fail.
    Possible positive outcome suggested by some lawyers: We lose the suit, but are then officially voting members of the Lake Association. We vote out the current administration, dissolve the Association, and give the lakes to the State of NJ.

    Back to waiting. No one expects any more news for at least a year.

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