man this torques me off to no end! Learn the rules about a sport dispstick!

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    Damn! I'm not a basketball fan, or football fan. But if I were writing a sports related article I Would DO SOME RESEARCH so I don't sound like an ignoramus! :shakefist:

    This guy is writing about a rookie UFC fighter. This fighter won in a decisive manner in 27 seconds of the first round, not typical but not unusual by any means. So this clown says this about the winning fighter's quick finish of his opponent:
    "but not before hitting him three times while he was defenseless on the canvas" :facepalm:

    THOSE ARE THE RULES OF THE SPORT DUMBASS! Those are the rules of MMA. Some rules have evolved and changed over time but you have ALWAYS been allowed to hit a downed opponent since the sport began in the early 90's! It's the job of the referee to physically separate the fighters at that point! If you don't keep hitting a downed opponent they may pop back up and keep fighting. This isn't BOXING! No old man in a bowtie is going to tell you to go to a neutral corner when you knock somebody down or even out cold. You follow your opponent to the ground and try to finish the fight - it's basic stuff people! In MMA the referee immediately moves in to assess the situation and if a fighter is in danger the ref physically restrains the fighter raining down blows and the fight is stopped by KO or TKO. The media guy doesn't need to be an expert, but damn learn the basics before you embarrass yourself you putz! :shakefist: