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    I am going to be moving in with my grandfather soon, and I was wondering if anyone knows where to stream some of the really old shows. I am talking before star trek. He is an archie bunker type if that helps. He would not be following a plot very well, but talk shows with guests or something like that have got to be out there somewhere. I am just wondering if someone knows a good service.

    I could probably download a bunch of TV if I had to a run it for him.

    Also, if you have any cool ideas that might help I am up for suggestions. I am thinking I might try to put together something easy for the elderly to access and try to see how that works since cable and satellit seem to be trying to confuse the hell out of these people.
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    Baby Boomer TV on Roku. https://www.facebook.com/babyboomertv/

    Got my 90 YO MIL a roku and she loves it. She watches netflix and stuff on Amazon Prime Video.

    If you go for a roku, go for this one. Its remote will also control the TV's on/off and volume plus it has a jack for earphones (wireless to remote) and accepts voice (a bit klugey). It does 4k but if you only have a 1080 TV that's ok too.

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