President Jesse Jackson - wins the election by getting a strike in bowling?

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    Yes, a political (sort of) thread in the green room - because it was just a weird dream:
    okay so it's election night and the next HMIC won't be chosen by the Electoral College or the popular vote.
    The president will be determined by who bowls better on election night. :shrug:

    I'm not watching this on TV, I am actually at the bowling alley witnessing the events unfold. It's a very close game, down to the wire on scores. So the Republican candidate throws the ball. Two pins remain.
    He throws again, but pin down...he doesn't get the spare. Then Jackson approaches and prepares to bowl.

    But he doesn't look like Jesse Jackson - he's a short, frumpy, dumpy youngish black Barney Rubble looking dimwit. :huh:
    That said in my dream it was indeed Jackson. You can cut the tension with a knife! :whew: Jackson dramatically, slowly starts his approach (is that what they call it in bowling?) and gives the pins one last hard look and starts bowling the ball that will affect his destiny.

    He throws a serious, seemingly out-of-control hook! It looks like it's going into the right side gutter. The crowd is going positively WILD! :yes: But the ball cuts left at the last possible moment and the pins explode! Now it's PANDEMONIUM in the joint!
    But two pins are left, still falls, but the other is still standing but has just a bit of a wobble, like the pin is breathing or something, just barely moving.

    And gently falls. Jesse Jackson (who now looks completely different as I said) is our next president.

    Make of this what you will!