Princess Tutu, an adult anime.

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    So after many years I have finally viewed Princess Tutu. There is a reason this title always comes up in Anime everyone should see. I am now understanding why. This is a psychological and spiritual series. It delves deep into our relationship with fairy tales and tragedy and uses the japanese magical girl monster of the day format to encompass different fairy tales and their meanings.

    It immediately sets up the story within a story motif that brings the fourth wall into the plot. This gives it truly adult depth that a person of less experience would not fully comprehend. However, it guides even the most ignorant viewer along the same path. The viewing of a piece like this could be done multiple times in a peron's life to reflect upon where they are now and the emotions and experience they have come through.

    If you are ever going to sit through a magical girl anime this is the one to do it, I will discuss it more in depth as I progress down into the ocean of meaning this title has. Please feel free to contribute your own thoughts.

    For people who wish to see the series you can find it on I think they may allow you to view it with commercials but I am not sure because I signed up right away for their service so I never found out. It also has been released in dubbed format for a while. You could probably find a cheap copy online if you wanted, If anyone else has a link to where this can be viewed I will add it to the top post if you notify me of it's location.
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