Star Trek slang terms & acronyms

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    Some stuff I created (some copied) for my proposed Star Trek series(s).

    1) Red Shirt(ed)-someone killed in act of dying
    2) ASS- Allied Support System-a lack of support for an ally of the Federation is sometimes called "doing it
    half assed"
    3) IRS- International Replicator System-distributes items across Earth
    4) Red Pill- tactical explosive (sometimes nuclear) from .01-50 kilotons
    5) Bitter Pill- strategic explosive (sometimes nuclear) more than 50 kilotons
    6) buster- (short for crust buster or planet buster) immensely powerful explosive in the 1,000
    megaton or higher range
    7) BGN- Boldly Goes Nowhere-used for starships that spend too much time in port or drydock
    8) Building NCC-****- extreme form of BGN
    9) dirty birds-Earth/Romulan War term for Romulan ships carrying nuclear weapons
    10) angry birds- Earth/Romulan War term Romulan ships with a formidable reputation
    11) pigeons (clay pigeons)- modern Romulan warships
    12) hammer- Starfleet officer extremely gifted in combat (any kind)
    13) crusher- starship that sees an unusual amount of combat
    14) scholarship student-cadet admitted to the Academy due to some personal connection
    15) virgins- cadets who are the first from their planet to attend the Academy
    16) dead headers- cadets with no interest in a Starfleet career but who attend Academy strictly for the
    educational benefits
    17) GI (Gilligan's Island-origin unknown)- isolated, rarely visited base or facility
    18) seven year ache- Vulcan mating cycle
    19) Leatherheads- Starfleet Marines
    20) bus drivers Starfleet Marine term for regular Starfleet personnel
    21) caspars- unmanned drones that protect Earth and other key Federation planets.
    22) long necks- Klingon ships of the D4 class to currently deployed ships.
    23) express lane-term for so called "restricted areas" that seem to be violated frequently like the Romulan
    neutral zone.
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    "killed in act of dying"
    seems redundant.

    It always was a bit of a shortcoming, not having enough jargon or vernacular in ST shows. FOr all the technobabble, you'd think someone could've spent a few braincells adding informal speech to the dialogue.

    A few things...
    7) BGN sounds like any duty that'd keep a ship within a sector or on a repeating patrol.
    8) Excelsior Classed-severely behind build/launch schedule
    8a) Alphabetting-Refit/Rebuilt/or Redesigned
    9/10) Are nukes even still in the RSN's inventory by the TNG era? "Angry Birds" might be a bit obscure even for Tom Paris's retro tastes, but it'd be funny to hear it.
    11) shit hawks
    12)not sure that one term would fit the range of combat skills an officer might have. Hand to hand and ship to ship are worlds apart. (good thing we've got a starship). It'd probably work for the top kick or ramrod of a MACO company, but for a tactical officer or a fighter/combat shuttle pilot? Maybe a chess motif? MACO as rooks, TOs are bishops, Pilots are knights?
    13) A ship that gets shot up a lot could be a "red shirt ship"
    14) SFA legacies? PSWs, for "Parents Served With"...
    15) why not just call'em "FES" or "PES"? First/Planetary Exchange Students (acknowledging the nod to that 70s show)
    16)Is that possible? I'd think there'd be an obligation to fulfill at least one tour with starfleet. Not too mention that other universities are mentioned as still in operation, possibly even supplementing the SFA education. i.e. SF Medical Academy could conceivably be a part of Stanford's medical facilities. (also, according to memory alpha, it's already a separate institution from SFA).

    Anyways, they're "auditing federation theory" or "on the starship internship".

    17) that is effin' brilliant, and even half plausible. If one piece of entertainment deserves to still survive in 250 years, Gilligan's Island gets my vote. Scriptwise, it'd be fun to see how many castaway tv/movie/literary references deep space assignments come up with for themselves. Like if DS9 occupants had started to call it the Restaurant at the end of the Alpha Quadrant... maybe Outpost: Penny Robinson or Planet Friday?

    18)"Getting green around the groin" for when the first signs of ponn farr are noticeable by your ship mates?

    19)Given their descent from MACOs and the armour they'd wear, "Sharkskins".

    20) "Cruise/Hotel Staff"...

    21) Assuming they're remotely controlled, "Avs". If they're self directing, "Bats". Caspers works if they're stealth/cloaked though.

    22) Grey Goose/Geese, Black Swan w/cloak

    23) "Mordor", because one does not simply walk into it, but they do so anyway. (For that matter, why aren't Klingons called "Orcs"? Pretty sure Tolkien will survive.)
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