The Nostalgia Critic does Pink Floyd's The Wall

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    Yes, @Shirogayne I will put a disclaimer here. But I am putting it in spoiler tags as it is way too fucking long and pointless for people who don't care.

    Anyone who is a fan of pink floyd and has found The Wall to be interesting, but pretentious and perhaps a bit whiny and not relevant outside a look into Roger Water's own feelings you will enjoy this. Doug and company do some of their best satire work in this and put a lot of effort into actually presenting the entire review in The Wall Format. They even write their own lyrics to go with the progression of the film. Tey don't spend a long time on the boring part of the movie except to comment on how it drags.

    This is one of the reasons I have always loved the creative mind of doug walker. His juxtoposition of nostalgia into this film is perfect as they make comments on why this fits out youthful view of the world and why we end up growing out of it while still sort of wishing we had some of that innocent passion back. He even modernizes the Nazi symbolism with a more up to date SJW hashtag image that updates the meaning of the final act in the Wall where Pink starts to lose it with the fans.

    This is not just a criticism of the wall, this is a complete remake of the wall as a critic focusing on the modern social media bullshit. If you like the wall, this is impressive and well done. Even up to the audio being spot on and dynamic.

    They even ended it perfectly with some amazing new animation that is just spectacular. The editing keeps everything interesting and not lagging. Set yourself some time for this, and enjoy.
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