tiny company commander dream.....REM sleep is awesome

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    Nov 28, 2004
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    okay science says REM sleep is the most "efficient/quality" sleep and the longer your night is spent in REM sleep the better off you are. REM sleep is also when you dream. I don't always get the "recommended amount" (long story) but since it's REM sleep (I dream a lot!) I still feel okay.

    Anyway this morning I was dreaming a constantly recurring theme - I'm in the military but I don't know any of the other members of my unit. No familiar faces of people I knew in real life, in other words. And in most of these dreams I am caught flat-footed and unprepared. I don't have the right uniform, I'm unshaven, I don't have the right weaponry, etc.

    Well in this dream the company commander was a female. She was sitting at the top of the stairs in a hangar where the unit was prepping for some important mission. She was talking shit and kibitzing, some of it directed my way. I was worried that I was in the hot seat for being all FUBAR since I was "the new guy" who was clueless and behind the power curve.

    For whatever reason I went up the stairs to talk to her (she was a cutie pie) most likely to flirt with her so I could maybe get out of whatever trouble I might be in. Anyway all of a sudden she shrank down to the size of a Barbie doll! :lol: There was a shopping cart on or near the stairs. I told her respectfully I had to put her in the cart, and when I did she said "not there! I don't like this part of the cart!" Then I picked her up and put her in a different corner of the cart, and she said "not here either!" :unsure:

    About then I woke up, the dream ending unresolved as to what the Barbie commander's problem was with the shopping cart I was putting her in. The human brain is really an amazing mystery! :yes: