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Discussion in 'Technical Reference Threads' started by Tuckerfan, Nov 8, 2013.

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    I figured it was time to tweak Techforge a bit, and one of the things I wanted to do was to create a home for reference threads. The "Freeware Bonanza" thread and the "Resources" thread hadn't been touched in ages, and rather than go through them, updating them, etc. I figured it made more sense to start with a clean slate, breaking some of the types of software into their own threads in order to make it easier for people to find something that they might be looking for, rather than searching through a thread that may or may not have what they're looking for. I'll sticky the threads which have the most universal appeal (and unstick the "Freeware" and "Resources" threads). If you have an idea for a thread, feel free to start one, and if you have a suggestion for an app, link, etc. for a thread that already exists, feel free to post that.
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