whoa wouldn't this be a great movie?

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    so I'm watching the actual ceremony in Gobblers Knob (seriously?) where the groundhog sees his shadow and predicts whether the second half of winter will be mild or severe. He's in a big locked box and they take him out. The guys who conduct the ceremony are part of an "inner circle" apparently. So here's the twist:

    When the "inner circle" guys unlock the box instead of a harmless groundhog they release...…..SATAN! :diablo:
    Wait there's more....the "inner circle" guys are Satan's minions! :scary: Yes absolute "hell" is unleashed upon the earth! :drama: The "inner circle" are Satanists as were their ancestors when the ceremony was started. Satan was waiting for when the timing was exactly right for his unholy plan to come to fruition. HAIL SATAN!
    Any thoughts?