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    This is ... fascinating

    If I understand what I'm seeing correctly OTOY (whoever that is) is using AI to do things that can no longer be done with live actors and - I'm intrigued.

    With this kind of progress we can start wishcasting on movies/series with the OG cast (say, between TMP and TWOK)
    A few of these have Colt back in clips with Spock in seemingly a post TMP setting (maybe they are as fascinated by the untapped potential for Colt as I am?)

    For one example, the story of how Spock rescued Savik and her Romulan background as alluded to in the novel

    Depending on cost (which will surely go down) there's infinite potential here.

    This is their latest

    (20) 765874 - Regeneration (4K) - YouTube
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