There should be a thread about Ohio...

Discussion in 'The Red Room' started by Nova, Nov 23, 2022.

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    and Wisconsin, and how both are basically post-democracy at this point with no clear way to reform that.

    (Other than outlawing partisan gerrymandering at every level - which...yeah)

    But I'm too lazy to go get the links to start the conversation. Basically, Ohio ran on maps their Supreme Court said they couldn't use and basically said "How you gonna stop us?" and when the voters start circulating an abortion rights petition the legislature is suddenly "you know, voter referendums ought to get 60% to pass"

    Wisconsin has its own long list of offenses including people not legally in their offices who refuse to go away and a wildly gerrymandered legislature scheming ways to basically render the governor a powerless figurehead.

    And the rest of the country just hums along as if nothing unusual is going on.
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