We have toi start admitting that the middle ground dems are just abusers like the right

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    There are many types of abusers out there. One of the types of abusers is the forever nice moderate person. They are nice most of the time, but they go off and always have an excuse. They are very good at blaming the victim. They are passive agressive as all fuck, and even they do not see themselves as abusers.

    This is where the moderates fall. It is always some excuse. We have to be tough on crime because there is so much crime. Some black people are going to get caught up in it and we are so sorry, but we have to be tough on crime. If yopu black people and immigrants were not such murderers, rapists, and muslim terrorists then we would not have to profile all of you, and cops would not shoot you. If you women were not such sluts we would not have to outlaw abortion, the way you dress, and birth control. If you were just more responsible. These are there excuses.

    Why does every moderate need to say I hate abortion before they pretend it is some necessary evil. It is not a necessary evil. It is not murder or a sin to say I cannot deal with a kid, or this is going to physically harm me. Those are great reasons to have an abortion.

    I am really starting to see it in the woodstock generation who were so supposedly peace and love, but they like the jack booted thugs. They want their old white neighborhoods with a couple of the good ones of the minorities. Let a black teen be wandering around a gated community in the duh and the cops are all over it. The supposed anti-racism white love the response. I have heard so much about how those slutty millenial bisexual girls are the reason we have to massively regulate abortion because we cannot have them having some plan B with their avocado toast.

    This is noit just the right anymore. This is a major part of the dem party who excuses the abuse because they want to punish people. That is a mentality of an abuser.
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